About this web site

The aim of this web site is to ensure that residents in the St Denys and west Itchen area continue to experience the joys of living by the River while having the knowledge to anticipate flooding and to protect their property from damage.

History of the Web Site

interreg-logo-300x205A web site ( “itchentides.org.uk”) aimed at raising awareness about the possibility of flooding in parts of the St Denys and West Itchen area was set-up as part of the CCATCH project. CCATCH (Coastal Communities Adapting to Change) was a Hampshire County Council (HCC) project which received European Regional Development Fund support aimed at helping communities adapt to coastal change. It was managed on behalf of the HCC by the Solent Forum.

In April 2013 the Southampton City Council (SCC) secured a grant from the Defra (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs) Community Flood Resilience Pathfinder Scheme to work with the community of lower Priory Road and Adelaide Road in St Denys to help mitigate flood risk. This Southampton Pathfinder Project was renamed the Belsize Flood Resilience Project and was run by the SCC and the National Flood Forum on their behalf. At the end of the CCATCH project (December 2013) financing of the web site was transferred to the Flood Risk/Emergency Planning section of SCC while maintenance of the web site was continued within the local community flood group.

In October 2016 the original web site contract was accidentally terminated. Since financing was not available to resurrect it under the previous web hosting service, it was decided to recreate the web site from backup files using free web space hosting at itchentides.wordpress.com . The new site contains updated versions of all the pages available on the original web site, however it did not seem worthwhile to transfer the various posts which related, for example, to out of date warnings of potential flood events in the past.

Much of the content of this web site is derived from pages originally developed by Dr Peter Taylor, a retired scientist from the National Oceanography Centre, who lives in one of the river side houses in Priory Road. Peter continues to administer the web site on behalf of the local community and can be contacted by email at  pktaylor84@gmail.com .

Please Note: The old “itchentide.org.uk” web address will only be maintained for a limited period. Please change any bookmarks to point to the new itchentides.wordpress.com site , Thanks!

( October 2016 )


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