Reporting a problem

11-300x200Often the first sign of high water levels in the River Itchen is water emerging from the rain water drains in the road (as in the photo). These drains empty into the river so the cause might be rain water which can’t flow out into the river at high tide. However usually it is caused by a non-return flap valve sticking open and allowing the river water into the road drainage system.  Should more serious flooding occur there is also a risk of pollution being swept out of the foul water sewers.

Although Southampton City Council has primary responsibility for flood coordination, these problems are the responsibility of Southern Water and should be reported to them as well as the Council. You can contact them by email:

You can also contact Southern Water’s emergency line to report wastewater emergencies, blocked drains or possible pollution, call:

Southern Water Emergency Line:  0330 303 0368

Don’t leave it to others! We are told by Southern Water that incidents are much more likely to be responded to if many people report the same issue, instead of one person reporting for a group or area. Only a large number of reports will push the incident up the priority list. Incidents also need to be reported as they are happening not after, as Southern Water will prioritise current reports and do not deal with historical ones.