Useful Links – Quick reference

3-trailer-300x200On this page we have gathered together links to try to provide a quick reference to some of the most useful web sites. The links will open in a new window. Please suggest further links that might be added here.

Tides and Weather

  • Met Office Inshore Waters  Forecast – Met Office coastal weather forecast – we are sea area 7 (Selsey Bill to Lyme Regis)
  • Southampton Tide Table – from the National Tides and Sea Level Facility provides tide tables for the coming 28 days and together with a diagram showing the next 7 days tides.
  • Portsmouth Surge Forecast  – gives an estimate of whether the tide will be higher or lower than forecast in the tide table based on the weather forecast for the next day or two – use the value at high tide (circled on graph)
  • Met Office Surface Pressure Charts – if you understand them, these show how the weather is expected to vary over the next few days
  • xcweather – if you prefer a tabulated weather forecast rather than a chart, this site gives forecasts which include atmospheric pressure for the next week

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