When the River is High!

bench1_lg1-300x200In this section we include various items illustrating high water events on the River Itchen. These include:

  • Extra-high tide in St Denys: Photographs, taken on 14th December 2012, showing what happens in St Denys during  one of the largest tides of the year – this one was  4.9m and caused water to start flooding through the rain water drains in Priory Road
  • Analysis of a Flood Event: Understanding why the river level on 10th March 2008 was amongst the highest yet recorded can help us predict future high water events.
  • Flooding in Riverside Park : During the high water levels on 10th March 2008 there was flooding of the roads near Priory Road Hard and at Woodmill. This shows the scene in Riverside Park which is part of the river flood plain.
  • Is Sea Level Rising?: changes in sea level discussed from a St Denys perspective by a local resident who is a retired oceanographer.