Looking for Flood Warnings for St Denys? View the Environment Agency (EA) web site for the SO17 area. Also make sure you are signed up to receive the EA Flood Warnings service. We also try to show any flood warnings for the St Denys area under “Recent Posts” on this web site but we may not always succeed!

Welcome to the homepage of St Denys and West Itchen Tide News. Living by the River is very enjoyable but sometimes the tide might rise a bit too high!

This is a community website designed to help local people understand just how high the water will be in the River Itchen on any given day. By taking into account the effects of tides and weather, it explains how to predict  occasions when limited flooding is expected over  parts of St Denys and the west River Itchen region.

Controlled by the tide, high water events are brief, lasting at most one or two hours.  Normally they only result in shallow flooding over short stretches of roads and riverside lawns.  However, should more severe flooding ever occur, this web site allows you to assess if your own property would be at risk and if so, how you can prevent or limit damage due to flooding.

On this web site you will be able to find Information concerning the River Itchen and the St Denys area including:

  • Living by the River – the advantages and the disadvantages! …how to prevent flooding and property protection measures you can take
  • The effect of Tides and the Weather on water levels in the river – and how to forecast high tides
  • How the Land Height varies in the St Denys and West Itchen area and what areas are prone to local flooding together with a discusssion of previous High Water Levels and how sea level might be changing
  • Information about the Belsize Flood Resilience Project which has brought property level flood protection to the houses closest to Priory Road public hard.
  • A facility for local residents to post  News and Comments relevant to flood risk within the St Denys and West Itchen areas.

Under each section you will find further pages allowing you to explore each topic in more detail. N.B. you will sometimes see adverts on this web site. We have no control over these, and do not endorse the products shown. However the adverts allow the site to be maintained at no cost!