Property Level Protection Measures – User Guides

The following user guides are available for the Property Level Flood Protection measures fitted during the Belsize Flood resilience Project. They may be downloaded from this page as PDF files. For each guide the recommended maintenance procedures have been summarised but the user should refer to the complete guide for full details.


⇐FloodAngel Anti-flood Airbricks [download Guide]
– a maintenance check is recommended after flood waters recede in case silt has entered the airbrick.

flood-door-user-guideFlood Resistant Doors [download Guide]
– Check and lubricate mechanisms every 12 months.⇒

flood-ark⇐ Flood-Ark Door Barriers [download Guide]
– Regular inspection checks to ensure they are in usable condition.

pump-installExternal sump/Pump unit [download Guide]
– annual check that it is still operational.  The installation guide for the unit is also available
[download installation guide].