Project Newsletters and Publications

In addition to the Flood Resilience Plan publications produced during the Belsize Flood Resilience included various leaflets and a printed Project Newsletter.  Copies of these publications can be downloaded from this web site as pdf files.


“Be Prepared for Flooding” Leaflet

A leaflet was prepared to help residents prepare for possible flooding including a description of the flood alert and flood warning areas which are relevant to the St Denys and west Itchen area. The information in this leaflet remains useful for residents in the area.

[download pdf file, 250kb]


Tide Table Guide

Residents were issued with a leaflet explaining how to use the Tide Table. Although the leaflet refers to the year 2014, the format of the Tide Tables has not changed and the leaflet is still a useful help in using the current issue oif the ABP Tide Table.

[download pdf file, 1Mb]

pathfinder_leaflet_front-724x1024Project Leaflet

Under the original title of the “Southampton Pathfinder Project”, Southampton City Council produced an introductory leaflet.

[download pdf file, 240kb]

Project Newsletters


[1 (900kb)]
Nov 2013


[2 (1.6Mb)]
Dec 2013


[3 (1.9Mb)]
Feb 2014


[4 (295kb)]
April 2014


[5 (594kb)]
July 2014