Flood warning: Mansbridge & Woodmill 15th Nov.

The following updated Flood Warning was issued by the Environment Agency at 0807 on 15th November 2020. The total forecast tide height is 5.14m:

Flooding is expected – immediate action required

Water levels in the Lower River Itchen are high. In the last 24 hours, half a month’s rain (42mm) has been recorded at Portswood. High tide at Southampton is at 10:26 and 12:35. Tide levels are higher than normal, forecast at 5.14 m Chart Datum (2.4 mAOD). Rain has also affected the river over the last few hours. Since yesterday, the sea door has been open at Woodmill. However, for 2 hours either side of high tide, the river will come out of bank affecting the access road and car parking areas near the White Swan Pub and car garage at Mansbridge. It is possible that some property flooding could occur. Showers are expected to continue this morning with up to 10 mm expected. The River Itchen will remain high today, with the potential for further impacts at high tide this evening, expected at 22:46. The sea door at Woodmill remains open. We recommend closing the defence gates around the pub. This Flood Warning will be updated by 17:00 on Sunday 15/11/2020.

This information was last updated at 8:07am Sunday 15 November 2020