Flood Alert 10th Feb. 2020

The Environment Agency issued the following Flood Alert at 1140 on 9th February 2020…

Flood Alert in force: Southampton Water and Hamble.

Flooding is possible for: Coast around Southampton Water including Calshot, Lepe and the Hamble Estuary.  Be prepared.

Monday morning’s tide at 11:34 on 10/02/2020 and 13:39 on 10/02/2020 is higher than normal due to Storm Ciara which brings strong South Westerly Force 7 winds. The weather increases tide table values by 0.58 m. The total forecast tide is 5.38 metres Chart Datum (2.64 mAOD) at Southampton. For 1 hour either side of high water, Eling Tide Mill and Eling Lane will flood. At Testwood, property nearest the estuary could come close to flooding. Road flooding is expected at… Ashlett Creek, Calshot Activity Centre,  Hythe sea front, Promenade, Shore Road and High Street; Magazine Lane (Marchwood), Woodmill Lane, …Priory Road, St Denys, Quay and Rope Walk (Hamble), Shore Road (Warsash), outbuildings at Fawley Refinery, boat yards at Bursledon and Swanwick. At 23:57 on 10/02/2020 the tide is much lower, but we’ll issue further advice. We continue to monitor the forecast.  At Priory Road, residents may wish to install flood protection.

The message will be updated by 16:00 on 10/02/2020

To check the latest information 
* Visit the GOV.UK website to see the current flood warnings, view river and sea levels or check the 5-day flood risk forecast: https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/target-area/065WAC151

* Or call Floodline on 0345 988 1188 using quickdial code: 216019.